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The best leaders are lifelong learners

Leadership is an ongoing journey where we gain knowledge, evolve and develop. Leaders who are

continuously learning challenge their own assumptions and bring more knowledge to the table with each conversation. This includes knowledge about themselves, their style, their approach.


I support others as they take responsibility for how they lead - at work and in their community. I am especially passionate about supporting nonprofits and community leaders in the area of suicide postvention programs.




I am a passionate results-focused leader.

I have over 35 years leadership experience and a track record of exceeding goals in retail, financial, and non-profit industries. I understand the importance of delivering results and developing strong teams.

I am the founder of LOSS Community Services located in Columbus, Ohio. LOSS is a non-profit organization supporting the bereaved by suicide through suicide postvention programs. During my 7+ years as the Executive Director, LOSS supported over 5,000 people impacted by a suicide loss through a 1st Responder and In Touch program, remembrance events, support groups, and advocacy & education.

With the support of Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, I created a sustainable approach for communities launching suicide postvention programs. I now work at community and state-wide levels to launch sustainable, collaborative suicide postvention programs.

I have been recognized for my collaborative approach and have also received awards for my contributions to suicide prevention and postvention initiatives.

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